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VPN PPTP client configuration – Mikrotik RouterOS(PPTP图文设置教程)[转]

In the first step, login to your router, launch a browser or use WINBOX application.
Type, default ip address of the router:

Go to “PPP” (1) tab and add (2) new interface: “PPTP Client” (3)




In the “General” (4) tab, in “Name” (5) field , type interface name: VPNonline-PPTP

In the “Max MTU” (6) and “Max MRU” (7) field, type “1400”




Click “Dial Out” (8) tab and fill in the fields below:

In the “Connect to:” (9) field, type the name of one of the VPNonline server

In the customer panel you will find the available vpn server: www.portal.vpnonline.pl

In the “User:” (10) field, type your User Name

In the“Password:” (11) field, type your password

To save settings, click “OK” (12)




Go to the “IP” (13) tab and next to“Firewall” (14)

Select “NAT” (15) tab and add new NAT rule (16)




In the “New NAT Rule” (17) select “Chain: srcnat” (18) and “Out. Interface: VPNonline-PPTP” (19)




In the next step, go to “Action” (20) tab and in the “Action” (21) field choose “masquerade”.
Click“OK” (22)




Go to the“Mangle” (23) tab and add new rule (24)




In the “New Mangle Rule”, select “General” (25) tab, and choose “Chain: prerouting” (26).
In the “Src Address” (27) field, type either the IP, or the IP range which you wish to have routed through the VPN tunnel.


In this example, we are using source address in order to identify packets which should be routed throught VPN ( You can also use other means of identification or a combination of identifiers such as destination port and source address. Keep in mind, you need to make sure that traffic originating from the MikroTik router is exluded from this marking or it will attempt to communicate with the VPN server through the VPN itself, causing the connection to brake.




Go to “Action” (28) tab and in the “Action” field choose “mark routing” (29)

In the “New Routing Mark” (30) field, type “VPNonline”

To save the settings click “Apply: (31) and “OK” (32)




Go to “IP” (33) and “Routes” (34) tab

Select “Routes” (35) tab, and add New Route (36)




In the “General” (37) tab, choose:

“Dst. Address” (38) –

“Gateway” (39) – VPNonline-PPTP

“Routing Mark” (40) – VPNonline

To save settings, click “OK” (41)




The new route has been added (42) and the VPN connection should be established